A little about us.....

100% of all contributions, cash, and gifts go directly to the families in need.

Sullivan Associates pays for all overhead costs and coordinated getting the gifts to the recipients.

Most of the families are local and need is established through the food pantry.

We strive to protect the identity of all recipients and deliver the gifts anonymously.

Robert F. Sullivan Jr.

November 22nd, 1948 - April 22nd, 2019

Robert F. "Sully" Sullivan Obituary

It is with great sadness that we inform you all that the Founder and President of our Great Organization, Robert F. Sullivan, or "Sully" as we all know him, has passed way. We will still continue to honor him and celebrate his life by continuing this great organization he started over 30 years ago. Thank you for all of your support, Sully will always be gracious for it all.

The Milford Daily News

Franklin 'town icon' dies at 70

Welcome to The Santa Foundation!

The Santa Foundation was established 30 years ago to fulfill one goal. That goal was to provide gifts for families in need at Christmas time. We deliver the gifts to the recipients so that they can maintain their dignity and anonymity. We have always felt that at least on Christmas Day these families should be like every other family. They will receive presents (from the Santa Foundation) and food (provided by the Food Pantry) and maybe a little hope that things will be better in the upcoming year.

As a direct result of the increased need the Santa Foundation has been operating on a year round basis since 2004. The Santa Foundation has a reputation of never turning away a legitimate request for help. In the past we have paid for rent or mortgages to help families get through a difficult period. Requests for oil deliveries or packed school backpacks have been fulfilled for needy families as the situations arise. In 2006 the need for these services increased so much that we decided we must begin to do fundraising year round. To accomplish this goal we needed to be a recognized Federal charity (501c-3). The law firm of Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon P.C. were kind enough to donate their services and The Santa Foundation Inc. is now a federally approved charitable corporation.

Thank God we have had excellent sponsors and volunteers. They make it possible for the Santa Foundation to help so many people. Sullivan Associates Inc. has been and will continue to be the main supporter of the Santa Foundation. All expenses from housing the Santa Foundation, arranging delivery vehicles, gas and gift wrapping is paid by Sullivan Associates Inc. This allows one hundred percent of all contributions collected to be used to help needy recipients. This Holiday Season the need was beyond what we could ever have anticipated.

The Santa Foundation, Inc. | One Joy Street | Franklin, MA 02038 | Ph: 508-528-1767