A little about us.....

100% of all contributions, cash, and gifts go directly to the families in need.

Sullivan Associates pays for all overhead costs and coordinated getting the gifts to the recipients.

Most of the families are local and need is established through the food pantry.

We strive to protect the identity of all recipients and deliver the gifts anonymously.

2016 Calendar Raffle Winners

Dates Prizes Winner
November 1st $100 Jeanne Sullivan
November 2nd $50 Susan Timmons
November 3rd $50 BBC GC Amy Gleason
November 4th $100 Jon Ross
November 5th $50 David Nasuti
November 6th $50 Lynda Hoxie
November 7th $100 Andrew Thomas
November 8th $50 Steve Tomaino
November 9th Autographed Red Sox Baseball Tina Seng
November 10th $50 Diana Schmall
November 11th $50 King St Cafe GC Patty Elias
November 12th $50 Danielle Collin
November 13th $100 Richard Brown
November 14th Framed Red Sox World Series Photo Diane Mulligan
November 15th $500 Violet Doilers
November 16th $100 Gary Donelan
November 17th $50 Alicia Whitehead
November 18th $100 Bob Hayes
November 19th $50 Alicante GC Barbara Etre
November 20th Apple Watch Judy Plouffe
November 21st $100 Monique Doyle
November 22nd $50 "3" Restaurant GC Richard Beauvais
November 23rd $50
November 24th $50
November 25th $50 Lafayette House GC
November 26th $50
November 27th $100 Silver Tree Jewelry GC
November 28th $100
November 29th $50 Longhorn GC
November 30th $500

The Santa Foundation, Inc. | One Joy Street | Franklin, MA 02038 | Ph: 508-528-1767